Winter-warmers for working at home or in the office…

As our days and nights get chillier the temptation to dial up the heating can be too much to resist both at home and at work. So we’ve looked for some ways to stay warm this winter that could keep your thermostat down a few notches – saving you money and cutting carbon into the bargain.

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Shut that door!

The simplest and easiest way to keep the heat inside is to keep the cold outside. Keep doors closed on rooms you don’t use often, ensure windows are properly shut and any drafts are excluded and encourage people to close doors that are used frequently.

Insulate yourself

Layers are your best defence against the cold – and big heating bills. Layer up vests, tops, cardigans and jumpers to keep your core toasty as the temperature drops. Keep an extra layer at work if the office gets chilly and pop it on instead of turning up the heater.

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Go thermal with socks, leggings, vests and tops – make the most of clothing technology to beat the chill this winter. Women feel the cold in their hands and feet more than men, so thick socks and fingerless gloves indoors can make a real difference to how warm you feel.

Okay, we know it is weird to wear a hat indoors but a lot of heat escapes from your head – popping a hat on can make you feel much warmer and save you whacking up the thermostat.

Let nature do its work

During the day let as much sunlight into the room as possible – you don’t need a panel to make the most of solar power – the warmth of the midday sun, even in winter can make a difference to the temperature inside.

Plus, the daylight makes you feel good so you’ll be improving your wellbeing at the same time as reducing your energy use – win-win!

Inside out

If you’re warm on the inside you’ll feel warmer generally so enjoy a frequent hot cuppa – it could be tea, coffee, hot choc, honey and lemon, bovril…the choices are broad! It will warm your core and help you stay cosier without the need to increase the temperature on your thermostat. So easy to do at work or at home.

The same can be said for eating – and cooking – it all generates heat. At home if you cook in the oven, leave the oven door open afterwards to let the cooling oven warm your kitchen.

Soup for lunch at work is a sure fire way to heat up while you eat up and you easily bring that in a thermos if there isn’t a microwave available.

Move it!

Kinetic energy is a cheap way to warm up – just get moving whether at home or at work. Tidy up, jog on the spot, sort the filing, whatever you feel like that will get you up and active for a short burst. You’ll feel the warming glow after as your body temperature rises.

If all else fails

No one wants to be cold, so if you do need to turn up the heating try using a timer, so you can heat up slowly at a lower temperature, rather than quickly at a higher one – it is more fuel efficient and will save you money in the longer term.

Have a cosy winter!

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