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Water, water, everywhere, find a drop to drink!

19 March 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

March 22nd is World Water Day - drink it - conserve it!

Water, water, everywhere, find a drop to drink!

Stay well and warm

26 February 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

When the temperature drops the risk of illness increases, especially for the elderly and very young.

Stay well and warm

Hydrate Yourself Challenge

19 February 2018

By Hayley Carmichael

Can you and your team drink enough water to fill a bath in just 4 weeks?

Hydrate Yourself Challenge

Smart metering to save money

18 December 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The Government wants us all to have a smart meter by 2020 - but what's the benefit?

smart metering

Let's knock down energy bills

20 November 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

As we approach winter energy bills tend to go up, so we're on a mission to knock down energy bills with some energy-saving ideas...


PODCAST - Fuel Power!

30 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We interviewed the Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-Op for our latest podcast on ways to harness fuel-power for a more energy-efficient life.

Fuel Power

Water is precious; let’s make best use of it

10 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Saving water comes with the added benefit of saving money. We asked Southern Water to share some top tips with us…

water drop

PODCAST – water-wise ways pay

19 September 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Listen to Southern Water talk about why we need to be water-wise and what we can all gain from it…


Water Wise Trusts save money

29 August 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

A new water saving campaign is launching at SCFT to help use our natural resources wisely, save money and feel better...

action for a greener NHS

Fuel Poverty Lunch & Learn Film

26 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Our fuel poverty lunch & learn session, presented by Dr Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex is available as a film for those that couldn't make it along.

fuel poverty

Use every drop

25 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to stay well, so why aren’t we doing it? We talked to our infection control team to find out…

use every drop

Fighting Fuel Poverty – Stories from the Frontlines

05 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op can help you manage your household fuel bills. We asked Dan Curtis Customer Services & Marketing Co-ordinator to share more…

Fighting Fuel Poverty

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