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How green is the Queen?

27 May 2022

By RJ Heron

The Royal family might have a lavish life but that doesn’t stop them from being sustainable; and even the Queen's Jubilee is an opportunity to go green…

Queen's guard

Our changing climate is bad news for hay fever sufferers

26 May 2022

By RJ Heron

One in five of us experience hay fever symptoms at some point. These symptoms can be worsened due to climate change and increased pollution levels. With the current shortage of hay fever medication, we explore what alternative relief to hay fever nature can provide.

Bee within a sunflower collecting pollen

Get walking more in May!

18 May 2022

By RJ Heron

The month of May is National Walking Month, and Living Streets, a national charity has put together a variety of resources to help us all get out walking and get more active.

Walking group

50:50 chance of global temperature rise over 1.5oC

18 May 2022

By RJ Heron

Greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, etc.) are causing the temperature of the earth to increase at rate never seen before. By reducing the emissions of these gases it is possible to reduce and reverse the process of climate change and its impacts.

Globe with thermometer

Save the date for the Green Plan celebration!

12 May 2022

By RJ Heron

All NHS organisations now have a Green Plan to tackle the environmental impact of healthcare and ensure we deliver on our Net Zero Carbon by 2040 target commitments.

reener NHS south east Celebration Graphic

Ride. Smile. Win! - The Bike Month Challenge 2022

06 May 2022

By RJ Heron

Throughout May, Love to Ride UK are running The Bike Month Challenge, which gives cyclists and new riders the chance to join forces and share the love of cycling.

Bicycle in the forest

Get gardening this week!

05 May 2022

By RJ Heron

This week marks the Royal Horticultural Society’s national gardening week, which aims to spread the joy of gardening far and wide. They are calling on communities to get outdoors into green spaces to appreciate the benefits of nature, which is proven to have positive impacts on our health & wellbeing.

Tray of seedlings

Are you glove aware?

04 May 2022

By RJ Heron

Gloves and other PPE are essential in protecting ourselves and our patients, but how can we think about our glove use in a sustainable way to ensure we also protect the planet?

Gloves used in laboratory

Enter the Green Team Competition at SCFT!

28 April 2022

By Hayley Carmichael

The Care Without Carbon team are working with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to offer staff at Sussex Community the chance to take part in the Green Wards Competition. 

Enter the Green Team Competition at SCFT!

The mountains of Massachusetts

27 April 2022

By RJ Heron

As we continue along the Appalachian Trail as part of our Great Frontier route we reach Mount Greylock, Massachusetts. An 11 mile long mountain range, in the northwest corner of the state.

Lake and forest scene

Stop Food Waste Day - Waste not, want not...

27 April 2022

By RJ Heron

Today is Stop Food Waste Day, and were thinking about all the ways we can reduce food waste, and effectively dispose of it in sustainable way.

Orange Peel

Invest in our planet this Earth Day

22 April 2022

By RJ Heron

This year Earth Day asks us all to play our part in tackling climate change ensuring global commitments translate into global action.

Earth day slogan - Invest in our planet

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