What can I Warp?

Don’t bin items that could be useful to another member of staff or team, upload them to our Warp It reuse network where they can be claimed and reused. This will help us to reduce waste, save money and reduce our carbon footprint.

What can I Warp?

What is Warp It?

At SCFT we want to reuse as much as possible, so we’ve signed up to Warp It which is a great tool to help you share unwanted items instead of throwing them away, or to claim things you might need too. It saves items going to waste, whilst also saving money and helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

 So far through Warp It we have saved £42,249 whilst preventing 8,659 Kg of waste and 19,837 Kg CO2e.

This carbon saving is equivalent to driving 36,225 miles in a mid-range petrol car, which could drive you round the Earth’s circumference 1.5 times!

The more we reuse the less we need to buy in. This helps save on resources (think of our Respecting Resources Sustainable Healthcare Principle) and reduces waste; both help keep our carbon emissions down. What have you got that you aren’t using that someone else might be able to make use of? One person’s trash could be another’s treasure.

It would be difficult to align all of our ordering and we may not even realise how many items we have or what the demand is for them before you look. That’s where Warp It comes in handy as it acts as a database to allow us to align our thinking and work in a joined-up way, which can help in Streamlining Processes & Pathways – another one of our Sustainable Healthcare Principles.

How to register (for free!)

If you’d like to register please follow this link, make sure to favourite the homepage so you can easily navigate to the site again. All of these links and further information can also be found in the Quick Links section of The Pulse.

What can I Warp?

We first launched with stationery and office accessories/furniture, staff kitchen utensils, etc. But we are now able to allow listings of unused clinical consumables such as dressings and continence products that meet these criteria:

  • The item has not entered a patient’s home
  • The item is within its original packaging
  • The item has not passed its expiry date
  • The item is not classified as a medical device
  • The item is in its original or as new condition

Rest assured the infection control & waste services team authorise these items before they are posted. They also regularly monitor the platform to ensure all other items meet the criteria and are safe for use.

If we all start using Warp It we’ll all get a lot more out of it – let’s going with reuse!