Wellbeing – Dare to Care makes a real difference

The results of our recent wellbeing survey reveal that our darers really are doing things differently for a better working life and greener NHS.


Dare – the beginning

In February 2015 we launched Dare to Care at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust with the aim of signing up 500 people. Now, half way through our second year we have over 800 people signed up to more than 3,200 dares and this grows daily.

The Dare campaign aims to help people make small changes to their day, that are good for them, good for the environment, or both; with our patients ultimately benefiting from more resilient, sustainable healthcare. Ultimately Dare delivers on the triple bottom line, it saves money, cuts carbon and improves wellbeing.

To check if Dare really is making a difference we asked our darers directly via a wellbeing survey.

Dare – delivering results

We had a great response to the survey and we’ve analysed the findings to reveal some fantastic results. Our darers really are making a positive difference to their own lives, the workplace and the wider environment.

So far the campaign has:

  • Improved the wellbeing of staff taking part in the campaign by 12%. This breaks down to:
  • 7% increase in physical activity
  • 11% reduction in stress
  • 15% improvement in concentration and focus
  • 16% increase in team bonding.
  • Delivered additional cost savings of £14,634
  • Saved a further 438 tonnes CO2e


We’re making huge progress towards our sustainability goals as a Trust – and it looks like you’re feeling the results to your own health and wellbeing too, which is brilliant.

Let’s do more!

With results like these, there is every reason to keep on daring. We have 17% of Trust staff signed up to date – we’re aiming to double that so we can create even more positive change.

There are 10 new dares to choose from – click here to choose your dares – or sign up as a team by contacting hayleycarmichael@nhs.net.

If you’d like to see your team benefit from improved wellbeing get in touch with us and we can work together to make that happen.

For more detail on the findings of our wellbeing survey, and the wider work of Care Without Carbon check out our first ever Annual Sustainability Report.