Fit and well is only one aspect of wellbeing

Wellbeing can get  lost in the notion that it’s all about physical exercise; we explore the idea that wellbeing is about so much more and we can all find our route to a healthier mind, body and life.

Fit and well is only one aspect of wellbeing

What do we really mean by wellbeing?

If you look wellbeing up in the dictionary it says ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’ and yet often when we talk about it we focus on physical activity to keep our bodies well or meditation-like activities to boost mental health. The emphasis is often on the healthy aspect and we forget to include comfortable and happy in the mix.

We’d like to expand on what is meant by wellbeing to embrace all those things that make us feel, well, more like ourselves on a good day. So we’ve captured five ways we think we can help our wellbeing along at this tricky time…

Five different ways to wellbeing

So, putting the more usual wellbeing advice aside (not that it isn’t good advice but we’re after something extra here) let’s look at some ways that you can boost wellbeing in mind and body…

Number One – Food

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack what you eat can be transformed into a feelgood treat…

We mean all food. Not just healthy food, but the food that once in a while is a bit naughty but really lifts your mood. As they say, all things in moderation. Indulge in your favourite meal, take time to cook it, stick on some music while you do and sit down to enjoy it. Make the meal an occasion and savour the flavour!

Or don’t – order in takeaway if cooking isn’t your thing and go for your favourite restaurant that is delivering.

Number Two – People

At the moment many of us are feeling the absence of people in our lives. While we may have to socially distance, we can still connect digitally. We know it isn’t quite the same but it is good enough when times are tough. Have a chat, call an old friend, colleague or family. Shoot the breeze and enjoy the human to human interaction. Sometimes it is just what we need.

If you don’t enjoy the phone or video calls, how about a good old fashioned letter or card? Sometimes it is good to know we’re being thought about by another person.

Number Three – Hobbies

The definition of a hobbies says ‘an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure’ – so really we could include pretty much anything in here! Let’s ditch the guilt about hobbies that are maybe a bit less creative and just enjoy what we enjoy. If your hobby is binge watching documentaries then create a hit list of ones to tick off and get watching.

Sometimes we feel undue pressure to ‘do something’ in our leisure time, whether that is learning a new skill or planting something lovely in the garden. If you love learning, crafting and creating then that is great, do what you love! But if you don’t, that is okay too. Reading a trashy mag is as valid a hobby as crochet if it brings you pleasure.

Number Four – Alone time

Time alone to relax and kick back…

In direct contrast to our second point about people, sometimes we just need to be alone. Now, at the moment that might be a bit easier for some and maybe even not all that welcome. But if you find that time on your own allows you to recharge and reboot then make sure you get that time. This can be difficult in a lockdown household, but try and find a room, or outside space you can call your own even if just for 30 minutes.

Having some time to yourself is important, it allows you to think, process and prepare for whatever life is bringing you at the time. Time alone doesn’t need to be still and meditative, you can tune into a podcast, listen to your favourite tunes, sing the earworm that has been bothering you for days or just potter. It’s the freedom of knowing you are alone that is key.

Number Five – Giving

At the moment there is so much giving going on that is warms our hearts! Covid has certainly brought out the best in most people.

There is something unique about the feelgood factor of doing something for someone else without expectation of anything in return that is hard to beat.

Whether you give time, donations, food, skills or just a thought it all adds up to a positive feeling. Social media is bursting with opportunities to give within the community, but you can keep it closer to home too. Surprise a friend or family member with a small unexpected gift – a bar of chocolate through the letterbox could be the highlight of their day!

These are just our suggestions, there are plenty more ways to feel comfortable, healthy and happy. It would be wonderful to see your suggestions in the comments section – you might inspire someone!