Webinar on the links between climate change and mental health

As we approach COP26 the focus on reducing carbon emissions is increasing. At Sussex Partnership we are working hard to tackle this through our Care Without Carbon programme. On 3rd November we have the third webinar in our series, featuring an expert look at the links between climate change and mental health.

Webinar on the links between climate change and mental health

Climate Change and Mental Health

We are delighted to share that the third in our Care Without Carbon webinar series at Sussex Partnership looking specifically at how and why climate change is already impacting on mental health across the world, with a particular focus on the UK.  The webinar will also outline what the Royal College of Psychiatrists has done on this matter to date along with a brief overview of the Greener NHS work, that needs to involve every trust in England if it is to reach its goal of making the NHS the first net-zero health service in the world by 2040.

The Webinar will be presented by  Dr Lisa Page and  Dr Susan Hamilton who is a CAMHS Specialty Doctor.  Dr Lisa Paige is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist in Brighton and a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Psychiatry at BSMS. Since May 2020 she has been an Associate Registrar for Sustainability at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and she co-chairs the College’s Planetary Health & Sustainability Committee.  The Royal College of Psychiatrists has been active in responding to the climate and ecological crises and the College will be sending a delegation to COP26 in Glasgow, of which Lisa will be part.  As a Sussex based psychiatrist, Lisa feels strongly that (mental) health services need to be part of the solution rather than  part of the problem and she would like to see more emphasis on nature-based (aka Green) care in local services.

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Staff involvement in how the trust responds to climate change is crucial for change. Many people are familiar with actions they can take in their personal or family lives to mitigate climate change, but there is less awareness of what can be done at work.  This webinar will give a grounding in how climate change is likely to impact mental health in the years ahead and what staff can do to make this less likely.

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