Reduce your waste this Easter

Easter is a time of great celebration, but how can we ensure a minimal impact on the environment whilst enjoying it to the full?

Eco Easter

Eggs galore...

On average every child in the UK will receive just under nine Easter eggs on average over the Easter period.

There is so much packaging to an Easter Egg, you actually only get about 38% of the total weight in chocolate. This produces around 4,370 tonnes of card and 160 tonnes of foil waste.

Thankfully, many chocolatiers in the UK now package Easter eggs without hard plastic shells. However, it is still important to ensure that any card and foil is recycled effectively.

It’s as easy as collapsing the cardboard box, scrunching up the foil into a ball (or saving it for crafts) and then they can be recycled in the usual way along with your other cardboard and metal recycling.

Or even better why not get the whole family involved and have a go at making your own Easter eggs, here is a link to a recipe for inspiration.

Rethink greetings cards

Easter cards may be a nice way to mark the occasion, however with 10 to 20 million greetings card being sent over the weekend make sure these are recyclable and are disposed of responsibly.

You could also consider making DIY Easter cards so that you can rest assured the materials used can be recycled.

Get creative with your Easter décor…

Many of us may have some Easter décor from previous years tucked away in a cupboard or loft. There are a variety of ways that is can be repurposed and revived to display this year, such as an upcycled Easter wreath follow the guide in the video link to make your own. You could even use an old Christmas wreath if you still have one tucked away.

Eco-Easter egg hunt

No Easter weekend would be complete without an Easter egg hunt, however eggs that are too well hidden can cause damage to our environment.

Instead of hiding individually wrapped chocolates or plastic eggs consider wooden eggs or pinecones. As an added bonus activity, you can spend time making them more eye catching by painting and decorating them year after year.

Let us know in the comments what Eco-Easter treats you create this bank holiday weekend.