The gift of time

In a busy world, offering someone your time can be the greatest gift there is.

two sliver pocket watches, one open, one closed, crossed at the chain

No need to shop, spend or stress

This year you could save the need for shopping, spending money you can’t afford and the stress of shops at Christmas (especially this year) and give those you care about the gift of time instead.

Design a voucher, pop it in a nice envelope and wrap for the full gift experience without any of the waste (well, it can all be easily recycled).

lady wearing a black dress with flowers on, walking a black dog on a lead through a forest with green grass

The gift of time could be anything that is meaningful for someone, from an offer to babysit, to dog walking or lawn mowing or even help with some DIY or decorating. If you have a skill such as cooking, or massage therapy you could even offer to cook a meal or a free massage.

Giving of your time really shows that you care, and means a lot more than a gift bought in haste. Here are some more great ideas for gifting your  time to inspire you.

The mental health foundation have a great voucher ready made that you can print out, offering someone an hour of your time to do something with them that would bring them happiness.