Seeing the light through switching it off!

Catalin Stancio, a senior nursing assistant at SASH explains why he chose to be the face of the ‘switch if off’ dare, to get more staff switching things off to save energy.

Seeing the light through switching it off!

Personal development is part of doing things differently

As a senior nursing assistant in cardiology, Catalin deals with some very unwell people. It is one of the aspects of the role (which he’s had for three and a half years) he enjoys; supporting those in need. “This is a role that encourages me to develop my knowledge and skills, to improve myself. I like to take on a challenge, and that was one of the reasons I chose to support the Dare to Care campaign by featuring in the poster for the ‘switch it off’ dare. I really like what the dares are promoting.”

All dares are equal

Catalin chose to sign up for the ‘switch it off’ dare, which is why he’s featured on the poster, but he feels strongly that all the dares are good ones to choose, “I was on ‘switch it off’ but just to bear in mind that all of them are equally essential in improving the way we live and manage our day to day life. For me, ‘switch it off’ was important because I think we use technology too much. It is more than just turning off a light, it is putting away your mobile phone, or laptop. I feel technology could help our lives, but we’ve not made the most of that, and use social media as an escape, but it actually causes us distress.”

Environmentally conscious

While the launch of Care Without Carbon at SASH has helped to raise awareness of the need to think more sustainably about how we deliver healthcare, it is an issue that Catalin has always been aware of, “It has always been my interest, starting as a young man, to eat healthy, exercise a lot and never take advantage of what mother nature has to offer.”

He feels that the launch of Care Without Carbon’s engagement programme Dare to Care has offered an opportunity to bring his green values into the workplace more and it is something he is keen to be involved with, although he would like to see more happening around the subject in the future than there is at present.

It’s up to us

If Catalin had to motivate colleagues to take part in Dare to Care, his key advice would be, “If we don’t take care of our environment, it will stop taking care of us’’

He hopes that through Care Without Carbon, staff at the Trust will change their behaviours to help reduce their impact on the environment, but also to improve their wellbeing. He’d especially like to see people connect more in person rather than through devices like mobile phones, “We need more interpersonal socialisation.”

He is hopeful however that change is possible. “Keep on doing what you are doing now with Care Without Carbon and involve as many people as you can. It does seem that this is something that people will not look at, but as soon as they realise the importance of it, bit by bit, they will ‘come into the light’.”