Seasonal eating is good for you, your wallet and the environment

Supermarkets might offer us all year round food choices but eating what is seasonally (and locally) available is so much better for us and often more affordable too…for 60 Days Green we invite you to home cook seasonally twice a week…

Seasonal eating is good for you, your wallet and the environment

What does seasonal eating mean?

Eating seasonally simply means choosing to eat things that grow best and are naturally available at certain times of the year.

We have grown used to being able to eat what we like when we like, but this is a luxury that comes at a price – both for our health and the environment.

When we choose to eat with the seasons we are getting the best out of the nutritional value the food offers – forcing crops to grow out of season impacts on the nutritional value as this study shows. Seasonal food tastes better too with a more natural depth to the flavour as it has grown in line with its natural cycle.

We are also reducing the carbon footprint of our food, as crops grown naturally out of doors don’t need the energy it takes to grow them in a heated green house. Plus, if you can go seasonal and local, the food miles are less too. Factor in the need to refrigerate food in transit and seasonal, local produce gets even more environmentally friendly.

You'll eat well and feel good when working with the seaons

You can check out exactly what is good to eat month by month on the eat the seasons website. 

We’re in May at the time of writing this blog so things like asparagus, spinach, carrots, new potatoes watercress, rhubarb, lamb, crab, prawns and trout are all on the menu.

In the Indian practice of ayurveda, they call eating seasonally ritucharya  and believe it can aid prevention of diseases  as you increase your health and wellbeing through a diet more aligned with nature.

There is also money to be saved – have you noticed how cheap things like strawberries get when they are in season? Enjoy the freshest of foods and see your shopping bill go down too; seasonal eating is where it’s at!

As we enter summer it’s the perfect time to eat more veggies, why not make our pledge to have a #meatfreemonday and make the most of the amazing fresh produce on offer?!

If you haven’t got involved with 60 Days Green yet, you can find out how here.