Ride. Smile. Win! – The Bike Month Challenge 2022

Throughout May, Love to Ride UK are running The Bike Month Challenge, which gives cyclists and new riders the chance to join forces and share the love of cycling.

Bicycle in the forest

What is The Bike Month Challenge?

The challenge is an annual event where bike riders join forces, and create teams to encourage each other and those new to cycling to ride more. There is the opportunity win a variety of prizes, such as a bike worth £1,500, 6x cycling bags (panniers, toptupe bags, & backpacks) made from recycled lorry tarpaulins, as well as other cycling accessories such as Hi-Vis jackets, and Love to Ride branded T-Shirts, hats, & socks.

How do I get involved?

You can find out more information about the challenge and sign up on the Love to Ride website. You will also be able to make an account so that you can record your progress, check up on your team mates, and track your team’s progress as you earn points and climb the leader board.

You are required to ride a bike for a ten minutes or more each day, and can recruit up to nine other friends and colleagues to increase the amount of miles you cover as a team.

What if I don't have a bike of my own?

We are lucky that we have BTN BikeShare points close to many of our sites, making it easier to access a bike short term. It is a great way to test whether cycling is for you. It currently costs just 3p per min or £77 for an annual subscription.

You could also consider getting a bike through the Trust’s cycle to work scheme.

A simple way to make a difference

Cycling has lots of plusses over using a car, or even using public transport, not least of which is the low carbon impact, helping us to tackle the causes of climate change. Cycling more can also help improve local air quality for the whole community, including our patients. A win-win for the environment and us all!

There is also the added benefit that regular cycling improves our physical and mental health by integrating more exercise into our lives such as our daily commute. It also provides the opportunity to see the area from an entirely different perspective. Another great benefit is that you’d also be saving money by opting to travel by bicycle, reducing fuel bills and car wear and tear.

If you need some encouragement to get cycling, why not make either our ‘one less car journey’ or ‘active commute’ pledge to get you going? You can make your pledge here.