New Year – New You

January is the time when our thoughts turn to fresh starts and new beginnings. This year, boost those new year resolutions with a Dare!

New Year – New You

One Dare is all it takes

With a range of Dares to choose from there is something for everyone. Want to lose weight this year? Why not try ‘take a walk’ and get burning those calories. Or maybe you’re feeling the need to manage your finances – try ‘one less car journey’ and cycle or walk instead saving fuel and wear and tear on your car.

Have a look at the Dares you can take here. The beauty of the Dare is that is easy and designed to fit into your working day, plus you can see how many others are doing it too. Perhaps buddy up with a colleague and motivate each other to keep it up.

A fighting chance

Cementing your resolution with a Dare is the perfect way to give yourself a real chance of keeping it up.


On average 60% of people abandon their new year resolutions by the end of January. Often this is because they try to do too much too soon.

With a Dare you’re setting an achievable goal and getting our help and support along the way. Once you form a good habit, it is much easier to keep it and build on it.

Dare Today!

So don’t delay, choose your Dare.

And do tell us how you get on – sharing your progress is another great way to keep you motivated too!

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