New green pledges as decided by you. Help us promote them.

Staff at Sussex Partnership suggested ideas for new pledges to make as part of the Care Without Carbon programme that supports staff in making changes for a greener NHS.

New green pledges as decided by you. Help us promote them.

What do I need to do to support the new green pledges?

Through Care Without Carbon Sussex Partnership aims to reduce the trust’s impact on the environment. It’s about more than reducing a carbon footprint; it is also about wellbeing and doing things that are as good for us as they are for the planet.

Staff are invited to help us promote the new pledges by sharing photos of themselves doing the pledge.

What do I do?

Send in a photo of you doing one of the two dares below that we could use, please take a high resolution photo that we can use in print.

  • I dare to explore nature – this pledge asks people to get outside and discover the nature around them a bit more often than they might. It is a chance to connect with outdoors and our wider environment.
  • I dare to care for green spaces – this pledge asks people to make an effort to look after the green spaces around them, from watering a potted plant to litter picking or weeding in a garden.
The amazing litter pickers! L-R Charlotte Dunkeld, Paula Bellers, Debbie Coton.

Please send your photos to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org by Friday 11th December.

There are three other new dares too, and these are:

I dare to swap for a plastic free alternative – we all use plastic based items from shampoo to cleaning products and cups to cutlery. Simply select something each month and make a swap so over the course of a year you could become mostly plastic free!

I dare to work from home at least once per month – during the pandemic many people are home working more frequently, this dare asks people to maintain that good habit.

I dare to reuse at least one item per week – think twice before throwing something out and find a way to reuse it instead such an old yoghurt pot for a seedling, or old loo role tubes for a creative art class.

Register your dare (or dares!) at www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares