Meat-low rather than meat free

If giving up meat entirely feels like a big ask, go meat-low instead and reap the health benefits, why not start this May as part of our annual Wellbeing at Work festival?

Meat-low rather than meat free

Is meat really bad?

Meat isn’t ‘bad for us’ but too much of it isn’t good for us either. It is actually a good way to get protein, vitamin B, iron and other minerals into our diet and the iron we get from meat is absorbed more easily into the body than plant based iron.

On the flip side, meat can be high in saturated fat (which isn’t great for our cardiovascular health), and processed meat can be high in salt which is bad for blood pressure. Eating too much red or processed meat is linked to an increased risk of certain cancers including bowel cancer.

So while there are benefits, there are also risks, which is why it is recommended that we eat no more than 70g per day of cooked meat.

Our #meatfreemonday dare is a great way to pledge to eat a bit less meat each week.

From an environmental perspective meat production contributes significantly to carbon emissions linked to climate change. If we can eat less meat, and reduce the carbon emissions from meat production this will help to meet the 1.5 degrees of warming target set out by the IPCC.

Climate Change brings with it many health dangers from heatwaves and other extreme weather events to an increase in pollen counts and vector borne diseases, so any action we can take to minimise the risk is worth doing. This study is a very detailed look at why we need to reduce meat production around the world.

So I don’t need to go veggie?

Vegetarian, or vegan lifestyles are more popular than ever before but it isn’t necessary to give up meat entirely if you enjoy it in your diet.

According to the Vegetarian Society awareness of the environmental impact of meat eating has increased from 8% in 2007 to 40% in 2013.

Eating less meat will help to address the environmental aspect as less meat will need to be produced over time if everyone starts to reduce their meat intake.

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