Making 60 Days Green a top team choice

The Children’s Physio Team at Crawley & Horsham hospitals got together to take on the 60 Days Green challenge we ran earlier this year, inviting people to try as many ideas as they liked to reduce their impact on the environment and boost wellbeing. They share how they got on…

Making 60 Days Green a top team choice

Getting everyone involved

Gail Selby, a Technical Instructor with the team is always keen for the team to get involved with things that add a bit of interest to the working week, and when she saw 60 Days Green she was determined to get the team involved. She said, “it was a really lovely way to have some fun together and we had a nice bit of rivalry going with the OT team at first, although we found we started to do things together towards the end.”

The team fully embraced the challenge, taking on a whopping 25 out of the 60 suggestions to try new things that are a bit greener and better for us.  From baking biscuits for team meetings, to growing a tomato plant for the office and car sharing to watching an Inconvenient Truth, this team really explored some new ideas that got them thinking and discussing ways to reduce their impact on the environment together. Gail explained, “it got us doing things we wouldn’t normally do, we even decided to arrange a leaving party at a local vegan restaurant which was actually delicious.”

Going for the harder challenges too...

While they enjoyed some of the more fun challenges, they didn’t shy away from the ones that required a bit more work either, with the whole team combining with the OT team to do a lunch time litter pick on site. “We really enjoyed getting out at lunch to do that, we got about half a bin bag. It was amazing, so many disposable masks, crisp packets and water bottles. How can people think it is okay to just drop this stuff on the floor?”

We asked if the things they tried would carry on now the challenge was over and Gail was enthusiastic about the positive difference some of the ideas had made. “As a physio team we tend to avoid the lift anyway, so that one is easy to keep up, but we’ve all now got reusable water bottles at work and I know we’ll keep using those. And we’re sharing recipe ideas for vegetarian and vegan dishes which is great. We also started a walking group for our lunch times, and although we’ll do it less in the colder weather it is something we all enjoy.”

Overall the team really found taking part worthwhile, “It was just good fun. We all know each other better now, and it really did help us come together as a team and it was a learning experience, if 60 Days Green is run again we’ll definitely be up for it and I’d recommend it to other teams for sure.”