Make one change – refillable reduces waste

Sue Young is a Case Manager  for Sussex Partnership’s Learning Disabilities and Autism Team. She explains how one small change can make all the difference when it comes to tackling plastic waste…

Make one change – refillable reduces waste

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Many people want to make a difference when it comes to reducing their impact on the environment, but struggle with where to start.

Sue’s story is a great inspiration…and demonstrates how easy it can be to make a change that matters.

“I have always been aware of green issues and have tried to make whatever changes I can to support initiatives like recycling. My mum was a war baby and grew up and bought us up with the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy long before it was a tag line. Plastic seems to be the worst offender as although much of it should be able to recycled, it is hard to do and even if you put it in a recycling bin, as David Attenborough showed us lots ends up on the other side of the world on waste sites, polluting the environment. ”

“We have been trying to reduce our plastic waste and I was really pleased to see that our Milkman (enormous amounts of plastic milk bottles get thrown away every day, so we have always had a milkman) was starting to deliver liquid hand soap in glass bottles, not expensive and you can buy a dispenser (Plastic but reusable). This soon expanded to include washing up liquid, washing machine liquid and softener. When the bottles are empty they go back to the manufacturer via the milkman.”

a row of empty glass milk bottles

“We also now have our toilet rolls delivered every two months- in a box and not wrapped in plastic. Why does it need a plastic cover, I don’t know. So this meant we had a regular supply when the toilet rolls went missing from the shops!”

There are loads of refillable suppliers out there, check with your local milk delivery service too, but if they don’t there are plenty of independent shops offering refills and even some supermarkets.