Make a meeting virtual for 60 Days Green

The pandemic has seen us learn to work differently with more remote digital meetings and appointments, our new pledge is to encourage people to maintain these new ways of working as we move towards getting past the pandemic.

Make a meeting virtual for 60 Days Green

Travelling less and saving carbon

Our adaptations for covid have seen an increase in virtual appointments and meetings, making the most of the digital technology available to us. The benefits of this have been a decrease in car travel which reduces our carbon footprint, helps tackle air pollution and saves money on mileage too.

We would like to encourage this sustainable shift in how we meet each other and our patients when appropriate, and as part of our ongoing Care Without Carbon programme we are delighted to launch the ‘make a meeting virtual’ pledge.

What is the pledge?

The pledge is very straight forward, simply make at least one meeting per week virtual rather than face to face.

You can make your pledge here, or if the whole team want to give it a go email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org with everyone’s name and your pledges will be registered for you.

Together we can make a big difference in the impact our delivery of healthcare has on our environment.