Let’s knock down energy bills

Winter sees our energy bills go up, and with the upcoming hike in energy prices it is the ideal time to think about how we can manage our energy use to get more for our money and cut carbon into the bargain.


5 easy ways to save energy

This is the time of year when we like to turn up the thermostat and get cosy. But getting cosy costs and not just money. Energy use in our homes, and at work, is one way we increase our carbon footprint, but luckily it is also one way we can start to reduce it too – and in doing so we can save money.

We have listed five easy ways to reduce your energy use:

  • Turn off standby appliances.

Sitting on standby uses energy, only a little but it all adds up. This simple action could save you £30 per year on your energy bills.

  • Install a smart thermostat.

These can have an initial outlay but can reward you with around £70 per year in energy savings, as they only heat the spaces that need it, and help regulate the right temperature for your home.

  • Turn down your thermostat just by 1 degree.

One degree less can save around £80 per year on your energy bills and you’ll hardly notice the difference (plus there are lots of ways to stay warm without whacking up the heating which we’ve outlined below).

  • Buy energy efficient appliances.

If you can afford to upgrade it will help in the long run, or even just think about energy efficiency when replacing a worn out appliance. For example, a new dishwasher will save around £7 per year in energy compared to an older model, and those A+ A+++ ratings really add up, with a fridge freezer for example over the course of its life a A+++ could save you over £300 in energy use compared to a A+ model.

  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature.

A 30 degree wash can replace a 40 degree wash without dinting the cleanliness of your clothes, and saves energy which saves money too.

How to stay warm without whacking up the thermostat

If our homes drop below 18 degrees then it can start to impact our health, particularly for those with respiratory problems.

So we have some top tips to help you stay warmer, without the need to up the thermostat and adding to your bills.

Block drafts – draft excluders are easy to make, you don’t even have to sew! Just roll up an old blanket or small rug and use that across doors to keep the heat in.

Close doors – while closing an external door is obvious, we can sometimes forget to close internal doors. Keep all doors to a room closed so the heat can properly warm up the space whilst bearing in mind current pandemic requirements around ventilating a space if there are several people in a room.

Hang curtains – a curtain over a door will also help to keep in the heat. If you have blinds on windows think about hanging some curtains too. And if you already have curtains, invest in some thermal lined ones to help hold in the warmth for your home.

Keep radiators free – move furniture that sits in front of radiators, so the heat can reach the room more easily. If space is an issue just move it a few inches in front so the air can circulate.

Layer up – wrap up in several layers of clothes, they will keep you warmer than one big layer, and if you get too warm you can just remove one.

Use extra heat – if you are cooking something in the oven, don’t close the oven door when you are finished. Leave it ajar and let the heat come into the room as the oven cools.