Let’s get physical!

Matt Roylance is a keen cyclist on the Care Without Carbon Team and he shares why getting physical on two wheels is the best thing…on two wheels!

Let’s get physical!

Balancing life and exercise

The older I get, the more my physical health becomes a priority, but with a young family it’s normally the first thing that gets bypassed in favour of something more ‘important’. Therefore I exercise by stealth (cycling to work) in order to keep me fit. And stealth works! I no longer have to convince myself to get off the sofa at night to exercise (because I’ve already done it), freeing up important family time. And exercising when I would normally be sat in traffic also feels like a win-win. Indeed, without trying to sound smug, cycling past stationary vehicles is pretty freeing! I sometimes even wonder if I should strap a sign to my back saying ‘I’m powered by electric’ in order to convince sitting car-dwellers to try it out, because there are so many benefits.

I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’m now generally less tired than I was pre-cycling to work. I can also feel the improvements in my cardiovascular fitness as well as seeing a bit of physical toning where there was previously none to speak of. My resting heart rate has slowed, and I’m not as out of breath as I used to be. And let’s not forget cycling is a low-impact exercise, causing less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise.

Add to that the money I save in fuel, the convenience of parking and arriving door-to-door. All while reducing congestion and pollution by omitting one less car on the road.

Since the pandemic began, there’s been more of a focus on prioritizing new or temporary cycle lanes in centres, along with changes to the Highway Code to better protect cyclists. I don’t think there’s been a better time to start your cycling journey, either to travel to work or for fun. Whether you get your exercise in plain sight or by stealth is entirely up to you.