It’s never too late to learn to cycle…

Local Councils in Sussex & Surrey are offering cycling training and maintenance courses, the sessions are priced ranging from £15 for a beginner to £40 for more advanced courses, some group sessions are even available free of charge.


Everyone welcome, no matter your ability!

The sessions are tailored and available to people of all cycling abilities, whether you are entirely new to cycling or a regular cyclist looking to develop new skills. The team can also help with route planning for those looking to cycle a regular route.

The fully trained instructors follow the nationally recognised Bikeability syllabus, starting with the basics of cycling and an assessment in a safe off-road environment. Beyond this level there are intermediate and experienced courses allowing for people to fully master the pedals.

Find the link for your area below:

Brighton & Hove City Council

East Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council – Due to increased demand WSCC are currently not taking any new registrations for training, but keep an eye out!

Surrey County Council – Private training sessions have currently been suspended but will hopefully resume soon.

How to get started

We are lucky that within Brighton & Hove we have BTN BikeShare points close to many of our sites, making it easier to access a bike short term. It is a great way to test whether cycling is for you. It currently costs just 3p per min or £77 for an annual subscription.

You could also consider getting a bike through your Trust’s cycle to work scheme. We’ve included some links to more information below:

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

If you would like any more information or your Trust is not listed, ask your line manager what cycling related employment support is available.

A positive change for our health and the planet

Cycling is a great way of getting around with the added benefit of the low carbon impact, helping us reduce emissions to tackle the causes of climate change. This also helps improve local air quality for the whole community, including our patients. A win-win for the environment and us all!

Incorporating cycling into our lives also improves our physical and mental health by encouraging us to exercise more. Another great benefit is that you’d also be saving money by opting to travel by bicycle, reducing fuel bills and car wear and tear.

If you need some encouragement to get cycling, why not make either our ‘one less car journey’ or ‘active commute’ pledge to get you going? You can make your pledge here.