Read How bad are bananas? for 60 days Green

Mike Berners Lee’s classic book How Bad are Bananas is a great way to inform your choices to reduce your impact on the environment. Reading it is one our 60 Days Green suggestions.

Read How bad are bananas? for 60 days Green

A book that will make you smile while getting you educated

Mike Berners Lee has written a total classic in How Bad are Bananas. Reading it will make you laugh, smile and wonder at the world. It will also leave you informed as to the carbon impact of what you choose to buy.

After reading this book you can make your own choices about how you want your hard earned money to impact on the climate. If you don’t know how bad a thing might be for our environment how can you choose to avoid it? Educating ourselves on the difference it is possible (and not very hard) to make is key to us meeting the Paris climate agreement of keeping carbon emissions below¬† 1.5.

Check out some reviews here and here. To be really sustainable you could even borrow a copy from your local library instead of buying it!

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