Healthy at 50+ Your top tips

As we get older and move past 50 it get harder to maintain our health, but it isn’t impossible and sometimes easier than you think…

Healthy at 50+ Your top tips

Age is inevitable, but losing our health isn’t

Once we get past age 50, our bodies need a little encouragement to maintain a healthy life. While it may take a little effort at first once you get into the habit you’ll be set for a healthy later life and retirement.

Here are some top tips to keep you tip-top for your golden years!

Get enough sleep – easier said than done we know.  A cooler room is easier to sleep in, and no screen time before bed also helps get the brain ready for sleep. An average of 7 hours sleep for older adults helps reduce the risk of ill health. Treat yourself to an early night after a nice long bath if you’re struggling to get the sleep you need.

Eat well – more vegetables, fish, legumes and salads will help to boost your immune system and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease which increases with age. It will also help to maintain a healthy weight.

Move daily – regular light exercise is essential. It doesn’t need to involve a trip to the gym, but a walk to the shops instead of driving will work nicely. At least 30 minutes of active movement per day will help to keep you healthy in mind and body. Did you know that a vigorous bout of housework like mopping and hoovering, or even working on the garden can count towards your daily exercise?

Pledge to walk more with our #takeawalk dare – you can make your pledge here.

Keep involved – taking up a hobby, or volunteering in the community are great ways to maintain connection with others and feel valued, both of which are helpful for our mental health as we get older.

Get your check-ups – your GP or optician will remind you when you should have check-ups for things like eyesight, blood pressure, cancer checks and heart health; make sure you make the appointments and attend so any problems can be caught quickly and treatments can be more effective. If you get the all clear that’s one less thing to stress about too!

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When we’re looking after our health, we’re less likely to need healthcare as we get older, which means less pressure on our NHS resources; it also means we can really continue to enjoy life.