Have a plant-based pancake day!

Every year we look forward to pancake day and look to it for a tasty treat, this year challenge the norm and try a tasty plant-based pancake.

Pancakes with cup of coffee

A pancake without eggs and dairy milk, is still just as tasty – it’s the toppings that count and add all the flavour, right?

Try ditching the eggs and using plant-based milk, like oat, soya, or almond. If you’ll really miss the egg you can also find plant-based alternatives to try. Check out this recipe for Easy Vegan Pancakes.

You could go all out and make a whole meal out of your pancakes, with a savoury one for a main followed by a sweet one for dessert.

Try these tasty plant-based toppings

Mushroom & tomato – grill the veg for about 15 minutes until they’re wilted and tender, feel free to add some plant-based soft cheese mixed with your favourite herbs.

Spinach and dairy-free cheese – any vegan cheese will work, let it melt and soften in the pan before serving.

Peppers and onions – simply soften these in a slash of olive oil first and serve them on your pancakes.

Creamy leeks – soften leeks in a vegetable-based butter, and add a splash of your favourite vegan white wine and plant-based cream.

And for dessert…

Good old-fashioned lemon & sugar – self-explanatory, a true favourite!

Berries and plant-based cream is always a winner – whip up some plant-based cream and put your favourite berries on top. Vegan squirty cream and frozen berries might be best if you’re in a hurry.

Banana & peanut butter – smooth or crunchy peanut butter will do – top tip: serve the pancakes piping hot to melt over the peanut butter.

If you don’t want to commit to an entirely plant-based pancake day, at least give one a try – you might surprise yourself and be ready to take it on next year.

Let us know how you get on with getting inventive and experimenting with a plant-based pancake day!