Have a Green Halloween!

Halloween continues to grow as an event in our festive calendar although this year it might look a bit different still as we manage the impact of covid. So let’s embrace a greener celebration…


Sweet treats package free

Trick or treating is fast becoming the highlight for anyone with small ones in their lives. Children up and down the land knock on doors to accumulate their body weight in sweet treats. This year that might  be happening with a bit more social distancing or you might be planning some sort of alternative for your little ones so they can still enjoy the fun.


But those multi bags of mini-sized chocolate bars and sweetie selections over indulge in the packaging, which all ends up in landfill.

Instead, why not make your own toffee apples, or fudge and share package free goodies to satisfy the sweetest of tooth’s while also being a bit kinder to the planet. You could try a treasure hunt around the house or garden to replace the traditional trick or treating.

Dress to impress

It wouldn’t  be Halloween without homes around the country filling up with ghouls, witches and ghosts.

But did you know that after the big event much of the fancy dress is never worn again and ends up in landfill? Over 7 million outfits were binned last year alone. That’s a lot of sewing gone to waste.


So why not make your own outfit and get creative instead of consumerist? Or maybe you and friends could swap outfits around year on year?

At the very least, if you must buy with a view to never wearing it again, donate to a charity shop so someone else can benefit from it.

Hubbub have some great ideas for #sewspooky and other tips to make your fancy dress a bit more eco-friendly.

Pumpkins galore

If anything is the symbol of Halloween it has to be the Pumpkin. The cheery orange veg is transformed into ghoulish faces, made all the more spooky after dark in candlelight.

Designs are getting more intricate and creative every year, with pumpkin carving competitions bringing out the artist in all of us.


Instead of throwing out the pumpkin flesh this year, use it to cook up some delicious autumnal treats.

Hubbub share a fab cake recipe, which makes a refreshing change from soup (although we do secretly love a bowl of pumpkin soup with parmesan on top!). But there are many things you could cook from pasta (think home made ravioli) and thai curry to pies, pasties and pizza toppings.

And once Halloween is over, give your pumpkin a final lease of life as a bird feeder!

Whatever you do to celebrate this Halloween, have spook-tastic fun!