Dropping the hair dryer for 60 Days Green

While looking after our locks might seem like an innocuous task, there is a hidden carbon footprint to hair care we can all help to reduce which is why it is part of the ideas we suggest for 60 Days Green.

Dropping the hair dryer for 60 Days Green

How green is your hair care routine?

The average bathroom cabinet might include a hairdryer, tongs and curlers, all seemingly innocent hair care devices. However, the energy they use is not as clean as the hair they are caring for!

A standard hair dryer when on its highest heat setting can use around 1,500 watts of power which is way more than your standard fridge might use – of course your hair dryer isn’t on all the time so that needs to be considered. A study by the National Geographic revealed that a hair dryer can be responsible for around 57 pounds of CO2 every year which is the equivalent of driving your car for 65 miles.

Drying your hair naturally is better for it, and saves all that carbon too! Plus you will save money on your energy bill.

There is also the plastics question when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Do you go for refillable, or take the next step and opt for a shampoo bar? There is no denying that the less plastic we buy the less plastic we throw away to end up in our oceans or landfill.

The changes you have made…

We asked staff at Sussex Partnership NHS Trust how they found the switch to greener hair care: here is what they said.

“The shampoo bars are great (better than you might expect)I generally keep my electricity use to a minimum and don’t have many or large appliances, so hopefully that helps”

Judith Brothwell, Team Secretary, AAW Assessment & Treatment Service

“I moved to shampoo bars a long while ago, but have not moved to a rinse with flour.  I thought lockdown was an ideal time to “go for it”.  I now rinse my hair once a week, with a buckwheat flour rinse, a smidge of natural conditioner bar and apple cider rinse.  Very cheap, no nasty toxins, perfumes, chemicals or plastic and a lot less water.”

Amy Barlow, RMN, East Brighton

If you are inspired to try a shampoo bar or new ways to look after your hair that are kinder to the environment let us know how it goes in the comments section below.

And if you haven’t signed up for 60 Days Green yet – here’s how you can.