Care Without Carbon is growing

SCFT’s Care Without Carbon team are proud to expand their work on creating a greener NHS to more Trusts in Sussex and London.

Care Without Carbon is growing

The more Trusts we work with, the bigger the impact we can make across the NHS

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust created Care Without Carbon back in 2014; it set out to take an innovative holistic approach to promote the delivery of more sustainable healthcare.

Using a unique 7 step model, the team delivering Care Without Carbon engaged with all aspects of the Trust’s business to embed sustainable thinking into the core of the organisation.

To date this has paid off with some great returns on investment:

  • £4.87m cumulative net savings. This is the equivalent of employing an extra 160 band 6 nurses.
  • A reduction of 1,843 tonnes of CO2e in our carbon footprint since 2010; this could power 200 homes for one year.
  • And staff who are actively engaged with our Care Without Carbon work are seeing an 18% improvement in their wellbeing.

The work of the team has garnered both awards and interest from other Trusts which has led to several Trusts now commissioning the team to deliver Care Without Carbon for them.

Adapting our approach

Care Without Carbon was designed for SCFT, but a one size fits all approach would not work for NHS Trusts more broadly, with each having unique cultures and challenges.

The team therefore work closely with other Trusts to adapt the application of Care Without Carbon, and its supporting staff engagement programme Dare to Care.

This year the team will be working with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT), East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT), Sussex and Surrey Healthcare (SASH) and Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

Both Sussex Partnership and SASH will see Dare to Care launch this October with staff already engaging with dares at recent wellbeing events. At ESHT and Imperial College London the team are delivering research into staff views on sustainable healthcare which will help to shape any future engagement work.

In the new year we’ll be launching the Step Up Challenge across three Trusts to really ramp up the competition to see who can walk the most steps in 12 weeks.

The Care Without Carbon team are working with all four Trusts to shape and deliver their Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) which is each Trust’s blueprint for creating a greener NHS.

Why this matters

SCFT is proud to be a leader in delivering sustainable healthcare. It affords us the opportunity to work collaboratively across the NHS, which scales up the impact our work can make in saving the NHS money, reducing our impact on the environment and boosting wellbeing for staff and patients.

If the whole of the NHS can work towards these goals we will see cleaner, greener, healthier communities that we can serve well into the future.