A greener way to move waste

Our new waste contractor Veolia is making a mark in greener transport of waste.

greener waste removal

All change

Image above supplied by Veolia

In September we awarded Veolia to be our waste contractor for several Trusts in Sussex. We aim to work in partnership with them to improve how we handle our waste, and save money along the way while reducing our impact on the environment.

As a trust we are working towards ensuring that all our suppliers are taking action to become more sustainable businesses, in line with our own ambition to become a greener healthcare provider.

So we’re particularly pleased to hear they are embracing a greener way to transport waste – while it isn’t in our patch yet – it shows the potential to do things differently.

Waste for fuel!

In an innovative scheme to reduce their impact on the Environment Veolia are beginning trials to use electric refuse collection vehicles, charged by power generated  in the energy recovery process it uses for the waste it collects that cannot be recycled.

Trials will start in Sheffield with two 26 tonne vehicles switched to electric ones. The trials have been made possible thanks to a grant from Innovate UK. It is hoped that after Sheffield, two more vehicles will be in place in London next year.

Using electric vehicles for waste collection in this way will help Veolia save 78 tonnes of CO2, which is the same as taking 33 cars off the roads! This will also have a positive impact on local air pollution.

greener waste removal

Working with the NHS

Veolia are keen to help hospitals become more sustainable healthcare providers, and have been working with hospitals in Liverpool to introduce electric vans, which use electricity generated by combined heat and power  (CHP) plants on the hospital sites.

UK Fleet Director Gary Clark said: “By working closely with our customers to deliver fleet solutions that lower emissions, we help them ensure they deliver real value for money and limit costs for local taxpayers.

“By recharging the vehicle from the energy recovery facility, this approach also show local authorities and the public sector can drive sustainability and use green energy to address their environmental challenges.”

Now that several NHS Trusts in Sussex have taken on Veolia as their waste contractor, we can look at ways to work with them to find similarly sustainable solutions.