Green Bonfire Night!

5th November is a night of fun, fire and flames although this year it may look a little different. While orange might be colour of the night, you can make it a little greener too…

bonfire night

Celebrate in style

We all remember, remember the 5th November because it is such fun.  Although this year it is different you can still celebrate at home. So what joy to know that you can have all the fun without the green-guilt by following these simple tips…

Be wood-wise – only burn things that are natural like wood, leaves and dried plants.

Stay dry – the drier the stuff you burn, the less smoky it will be.

Build on the day – to avoid roasting local wildlife store your wood, then build the bonfire on the day you plan to burn it, so that all creatures great and small don’t set up home in there.

Gunpowder free – did you know you can buy eco fireworks that use compressed air to send the sparks flying?!

bonfire night

Home cooked treats add to the sense of celebration

Bonfire night food is usually something you eat standing up, watching things go whizz bang pop.

Spending time preparing some home cooked treats will help t0 build that festive vibe, and reduce waste too with less packaging to get rid of.

This Guardian article has some top ideas for what to cook…from a tasty chili to simple jacket spuds. You could always opt for a veggie chili too to enjoy a #meatfree celebration with all the spice!

Why does it matter?

According to government findings, the emissions from bonfire night are greater than a year’s worth of waste incinerators across the UK. If you burn plastic, or wood with paint of other coatings on it, the fumes are even more polluting.

With air pollution a growing problem, it is great to know there are ways we can do our bit and still enjoy the festivities.