Gold for Carbon Reduction (Energy) in the Healthcare Climate Challenge Awards

It is an honour to receive the Gold award for the Carbon Reduction (Energy) category at the Healthcare Climate Challenge Awards in 2020.

Healthcare Climate Challenge certificate from Health Care Without Harm for Sussex Community NHS

Working locally with a global perspective

We are pleased to announce that the Care Without Carbon team at Sussex Community have been named a 2020 Climate Champion by Health Care Without Harm. As a participant in the Health Care Climate Challenge, we are committed to reducing health care’s own carbon footprint, preparing for the impacts of extreme weather and the shifting burden of disease and educating staff and the public while promoting policies to protect public health from climate change. 

This year we received recognition for the efforts and success of our institution and staff with the following Gold award:

Carbon Reduction (Energy)

We are honored to receive this award and to be a part of a global community of health care institutions on every continent leading the transformation to climate-smart health care. We celebrate this moment with everyone at our Trust and with our colleagues around the world. And we look forward to the work that lays ahead as we strive to protect the future health of our community, environment and planet.