Go dry for January

After the xmas excess January is the perfect time to ditch the booze and give your liver a rest.

dry janaury

One month is all it takes

Every year the charity Alcohol Concern challenge the nation to give up the booze for 31 days. Last year over 2 million people took part – will you be one of them this year?

All you have to do is sign up, and stick to your guns. If you complete the month booze-free you’ll get a certificate to show your commitment.

The benefits are amazing

dry january
Go on the wagon for 31 days and reap the rewards…

Just one month without a boozy drink offers a range of rewards. People taking part reported clearer skin, better sleeping patterns, more rested feelings, weight loss, increased energy and more money in their pocket. Not bad returns for 31 days.

The longer term benefits of drinking less alcohol are good too – you’ll be reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and liver problems. January could be the perfect kick start to a less boozy lifestyle…

Find out more

If you are tempted to say ta-ta to a tipple for a month, then visit the Dry January website to sign up and get going.

You’ll find online support, and any donations go towards the charity helping people to stay off, or cut down the booze.

Once you’re registered you’re also eligible to download the certificate if you make it through the month without a boozy drink.

If you’d like more support around giving up drink, you can talk to your GP, or visit the NHS website for some great tips.