Get walking more in May!

The month of May is National Walking Month, and Living Streets, a national charity has put together a variety of resources to help us all get out walking and get more active.

Walking group

Spring in your step

May is full of opportunities to increase the amount you walk and get your steps in. With spring in full swing, there is the added benefit of nicer weather that will make getting out and about on foot even more enjoyable.


This National Walking month, Living Streets have started the #Try20 challenge that asks us to walk for 20 minutes per day. This can be achieved from commuting to walking the dog – the list is endless. They have even put together a handy checklist full of tips to inspire you each day!

There is also the opportunity to win 1x £200 and 2x £50 outdoor clothing shopping vouchers – read more here. Their website explains how walking for just an additional 20 minutes each day can provide fantastic health and wellbeing benefits. Whilst also reducing the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

There is also the added benefit that walking as opposed to driving can improve air quality, save money, and improve our fitness!

#PowerUp – The Walk to School Week Challenge

There is also the opportunity for children to get involved through Living Streets Walk to School Week Challenge. The five-day challenge runs from the 16th-20th of May.

This year’s theme is video games where pupils have the chance to progress to the next ‘level’ by choosing to travel to school sustainably – find all the information on their website.

Dare to Care

You could also pledge to ‘take a walk’ on our Dare to Care webpage, to get more active and reduce your carbon footprint!