ESHT commit to 100% renewable energy

East Sussex Healthcare Trust are using 100% renewable energy to help create a greener NHS.

ESHT commit to 100% renewable energy

Shaping a greener NHS

At ESHT we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through our ongoing work programme Care Without Carbon.

As part of this, we ensure that the electricity supplied to the sites that we own is 100% renewable.

Our Trust has an electricity supply contract with EDF which supplies us with 100% REGO-backed power. This stands for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin and is a system whereby an electricity generator has to provide to Ofgem proof of their generation output as being 100% qualifying renewable. This is then able to be passed on to the company selling the electricity, EDF in this case, who can then legitimately sell it as such to their customers.

Of our electricity use in the past 12 months 99% of this was generated by the wind (37% off-shore, 62% onshore) at three Wind Farms, Green Rig in Northumberland, Westermost Rough in the North Sea, DyffrynBrodyn in Carmarthenshire and 1% came from electricity produced by biogas from waste.

Ensuring we procure renewable energy allows the Trust to show its commitment, and make its own contribution to, greening the electricity supply system which ultimately helps us to drive down our emissions of carbon dioxide.