Ejected. The story that solves the climate crisis

Jo Mitchell leads on Wellbeing for staff at Sussex Partnership. She shares a review on a book that has transformed what she thinks about sustainability…

graphic of a lady reading a book in a library

Ejected by Dawn Pape - what's the story?

Ejected is a work fiction about a group of average people (housewives, farmers, office workers) who are ejected from the planet due to their excessive greenhouse gas emissions.  In order to return to Earth, the “Ejected” need to unite to decrease emission levels so the world can support them once again.

Ejected offers real climate solutions while exploring other critical societal problems, like environmental racism.

Here's what Jo thought about it...

Wow! What a read.  I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t  entirely got on board with sustainability, sure I recycle,  turn the lights off if they aren’t needed  and limit the use of the tumble dryer, but if I’m honest these things have been more about financial savings rather than environmental ones.  Until now that is.  This book is fascinating! It is based on the current climate crisis, it isn’t heavy, its written in a really nice way and is based on facts about the world we are in RIGHT NOW .

The book is designed to start conversations that can change our environmental trajectory.  It has certainly started conversations within my family and friendship group.  We all need to take action now.  If we don’t  the consequences are just too big to contemplate;  we will have a climate that is unfit for humans within our children’s lifetimes.

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough .  It’s a must read for everyone who wants to fully understand what is happening in the world, and how we can all do our bit to save it.