Eco Easter Inspirations

Transform your Easter celebrations with these great tips

Eco Easter

Celebrate with style

Last year we spent over £300 million on Easter eggs in the UK.  The over packaged chocolates are way more expensive than normal chocolate, and all that packaging ends up in the bin.

This year we’re promoting an eco-Easter, with ways to save money, reduce waste and maybe even reduce the sugar content – it’s good for your wallet, good for the planet and good for you too! And you still get all the fun…

Sweet tooth

Easter is all about the chocolate – for children and for grown-ups! If you buy eggs go for organic chocolate, and fairtrade and think abut the packaging – less is more… Dark chocolate is better for you than milk too.

Alternatively you could make egg shaped cookies, or your own sweet treats and experiment with some low sugar options…

This chocolate cake looks perfect and yet is low fat and low sugar.

You could make these avocado truffles and pop into your handmade basket…or these dark chocolate gingerbread truffles

These raw brownie bites could  be shaped into mini eggs instead of balls…

Put it in the basket...

Eco EasterThe shops may be bursting with cute baskets to fill with chocolate delights, but if you make your own you’ll be saving money, reducing waste and tapping into the feel-good factor of knowing you’ve put a bit of your talents into your gifts.

Think creatively, you could weave old carrier bags, newspaper and magazines for something colourful and recycled.

This video shows you how…

What to with all the boxes?

If you do find that on Easter Sunday your house is full of packaging, here are some ways to get rid of it…

Firstly, recycle as much as you can!

You could keep the foil in a craft tub for future making sessions with wee ones.

The plastic moulds that some eggs come in could be used to make your own eggs next year – save them and use them to make your own eggs. Or you could use them to make papier-mâché eggs to hold other sweet treats or gifts next year.

The Easter roast

At this time of year, lamb is the traditional meat of choice for Easter celebrations. Instead, why not try a veggie roast and celebrate the start of growing season!

Eco Easter
Thanks to atl10trader for the image – use granted by creative commons.

A whole roasted cauliflower  is something to behold! This recipe brings it to life with red wine and shallots. Has the wow of a meat roast without the meat!

And this red onion marmalade and feta roly-poly is truly delicious. Looks like a proper centre piece dish for your Easter table.

If a roast involves a Yorkshire pudding for you, these mushroom and brie stuffed beauties will make your meal!

However you celebrate – enjoy! Do let us know how you created an Eco Easter by leaving us a comment below…