Sussex Partnership are driving less and the carbon savings are impressive…

We are all adapting to the changes that the pandemic has brought with it; and one positive outcome has been a shift in working patterns that means people are driving less and there are fewer cars on the roads.

Sussex Partnership are driving less and the carbon savings are impressive…

As a Trust that works a lot in the community, Sussex Partnership has found that adapting working patterns for the pandemic has had a big impact on how much staff are travelling.

Since March the Trust has seen a 60% drop in the business miles staff travel in their own cars, saving an amazing 793,000 miles! This has been made possible by an increase in home working from support services, online training, and the development of online appointments for  clinical teams. It’s worth mentioning that this figure doesn’t take into account people’s commute to work so the actual miles saved is much, much higher.

Big carbon savings

Putting a carbon saving on this is tricky as it varies from vehicle to vehicle and also driving styles, but at a rough average we have saved at least 300 tonnes of CO2 – that is the same as the electricity needed to power 50 homes for a whole year!

Let's make this the new normal

These changes in working patterns are bringing unexpected benefits, and it is important that we plan how best to maintain these in the future when we are past the worst of the pandemic and preparing for how our services might look. One way the Trust will support you is in finding alternative ways to travel once we are back to being a little more mobile, such as car sharing, electric pool cars and active travel like cycling.

If you would like to have a little more motivation to continue with these positive working patterns, you can take the ‘dare to work from home at least once per month’ pledge as part of the Dare to Care programme running at the Trust.