Decorate with eco festive flair

December has arrived and Christmas is almost upon us. If you are about to get your work space or home dressed up for a festive vibe, we’ve got some great ideas to help you do it without too much impact on the environment.

Decorate with eco festive flair

Let's start with the tree

A central pillar of all Christmas decorations tends to be the tree.

The question is whether to have a fake tree or a real one. There are arguments in favour of both, although with a fake tree you do need to continue to use one for around 10 years to make it the more sustainable choice.

If you go for a real tree then make sure you buy one from a sustainable supplier. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association are a good place to start. You can find approved BCTGA suppliers here.

Alternatively you could opt for a tree such as holly or yew, and then plant it in the garden after. These are both festive tree species and can be decorated too.

Should you opt for fake, you could go for really fake and make a tree from something more creative. This website has some great ideas; we love the idea of using a traditional wooden step ladder and decorating that opened up, or building a tree shaped stack of crates which you could use for storage afterwards. The festive tepee is also inspired!

Baubles and tinsel

Putting up decorations whether on the tree or the spaces you are in, is a key part of feeling that bit more festive (especially when accompanied by a mince pie and a hot choc!)

This fab tradition is another opportunity to get eco-creative.

We found this amazing website with some inspiring ideas. Our favourite is the twig stars, which use turmeric dyed string to add some festive flair. You can hang these on the tree, or dot them about the room.

Instead of tinsel, try stringing together popcorn and drape that round the tree, you can even use food colouring to add some pizzazz!  This guide (there is a video link here too if you prefer) will show you how.

Should you prefer to buy in your baubles, opt for those that are wooden, knitted, crocheted or felted to reduce plastic use. If you use them year after year then its a great investment in your festive fun.

Garlands galore

If you like to string up garlands around the room, avoid plastic ones and make your own.

The simplest are the classic paper chains. You can buy these quite cheaply, or make your own by snipping up old magazine or newspapers to #recycle the paper.

You can also take a walk and gather bits from nature, a sprig of holly, or pine cones work well but do remember that nature needs to keep some of her goodies for herself, so don’t take too much to ensure that things can grow back for next year.

Happy Christmas one and all!