Dare shake up for SCFT

SCFT has led the way in engaging staff on sustainable healthcare – encouraging participation through the ongoing Dare to Care programme. This month it shakes up the dares a little…

Dare shake up for SCFT

What has changed with the dares?

We’re into our fourth year of the Dare to Care programme, which supports our work to deliver Care Without Carbon.

Over the years we have added new dares, switched things up and listened to your ideas for what the dares should cover.

As we approach our 2020 deadline to meet our first target of  34% reduction in our carbon emissions we decided to have a final shake up of the dares, to introduce one new one, and bring back an old favourite.

The ‘green your workspace’ pledge was one of the most popular, with plants springing up in workplaces across the Trust. Given the increase in attention to air pollution, and its links to our health, we knew the time was right to bring this dare back as plants are proven to help improve indoor air pollution. Not to mention the overall wellbeing benefits of green spaces whether indoors or out.

  • Green your workspace – whether it’s a plant indoors, or a clean up of the landscape at work help to create a greener environment for everyone’s wellbeing.

The BYO dare has been a pledge for staff at other Trusts, and we decided it was time for us to offer it to SCFT staff too. Bringing in your own lunch is a great way to reduce waste and eat more healthily.

  • BYO – not booze! Bring in your own lunch, breakfast or dinner and your own coffee cup or water bottle. Save money and reduce waste.

Over 1,600 members of staff have made a pledge as part of the Dare to Care programme, we want to reach 2,000 by March next year. You can help us get there by joining your colleagues and making your pledge today – click here.