Cycle to Work Day

Care Without Carbon sets out how we can reduce our carbon emissions as NHS organisations. One way is to drive less, so Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 5th August is perfect motivation to do just that!

Cycle to Work Day

Try it for one day, keep it up for the year!

Started by cycletoworkday.org back in 2013, this national day is designed to tempt people to give a more active commute a try. In an average year participants cycle over a million miles collectively in just one day.

Cycling to work is bursting with benefits. Firstly it helps boost health in mind and body, offering a cardio work out and releasing a tonne of feel good hormones. Secondly it is a carbon free means of getting from A to B, so you are helping to combat climate change, and improving air quality. Lastly once you’ve invested in a bike there is no fuel to buy so your commute gets a lot cheaper, just think what you could do with the money saved.

To support Cycle to Work Day why not make the “active commute” pledge through Care Without Carbon, it will also support us with our Green Plan. Just click here, select your organization or ‘other’ from the list and make your pledge to help us keep better manage local air pollution and celebrate active travel.