Clothes Swap!

Save money, find a fresh style, meet people and avoid fast fashion waste by bringing your unwanted clothes to a clothes swap event.

Clothes Swap!

What is a clothes swap?

A clothes swap is a free event where you can bring along your own unwanted clothes and accessories and swap them for things you do want that others bring along too.

It is friendly and informal, so you can relax and enjoy the ‘anti-shopping’ experience, knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet at the same time!

Why would a clothes swap be good for the planet?

Fast fashion creates literally tonnes of waste every year, with clothes that could easily be worn again discarded when they become unwanted.

Creating an item of clothing has a carbon footprint, so what we choose to wear directly has an impact on climate change. For example, a pair of jeans has a carbon footprint of around 33kg, which is the same as driving 80 miles in your average car.

Come along and get involved

Amy Barlow is a community mental health nurse with Sussex Partnership and she’s organised a clothes swap for staff at East Brighton Mental Health Centre.

Simply come along with your unwanted items, and let others have a browse through them, while you browse what else is on offer. Just make sure that the items you bring are clean and usable again for another person.

At the end of the day Amy is taking all the unclaimed items to St Vincent’s charity shop who do work with homeless people locally.

The Clothes Swap takes place on Wednesday 6th November between 1 and 2pm in Conference Room 2 at the East Brighton site.

Check out this link to discover more about the carbon footprint of the clothes you wear.