Choose to refuse for Plastic Free July

This month we celebrate Plastic Free July, a global movement empowering millions of people to be the solution to plastic pollution.

Scuba diver

Tidying up our planet

With predictions that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050 there has never been a better time to act. By choosing to reuse and reduce plastic pollution, we will have cleaner streets, oceans and communities that will be healthier and happier.

Plastics take such a long time to break down, and even when they do, they still hang around in smaller pieces known as microplastics that can pollute our seas, oceans and water supplies. Plastics also have a great potential to cause harm to our wildlife across the globe as our oceans know no boundaries.

Pesky plastic swaps

Single use plastics are designed to be used once and thrown away – and plastic shopping bags have an estimated total use time of 5 minutes. Reducing our use single use plastic is a small change anyone can do.

Choose to refuse one these single use items this Plastic Free July; coffee cups, water bottles, shopping bags, plastic wrapped produce, plastic cutlery. The list goes on and there are variety of alternatives, think reusable keep cups for coffee, reusable water bottles to stay hydrated, tote bags for groceries and loose produce in the supermarket.

The Plastic Free July website has a great Pesky Plastics Quiz where you can find personalised single plastic swaps based on the most common plastics used in your household.

For some extra motivation why not pledge to use ‘one less piece of single use plastic’ – you can find out how here.

Our changing landscape

In the NHS we generate a large amount of single use plastic waste, and our Green Plans set out our strategy to reduce this and adopt circular economy principles. We believe the best strategy to eliminate single use plastics one piece at a time whether this be at work or at home.

Some swaps may be more seamless than others but we a committed to making the change, to help tackle the millions of tonnes of plastic waste generated around the world each year.

If you have any ideas for how you could reduce plastic use in your team email us at hello@carewithoutcarbon.org