Charge of the electric brigade

Oli lives and breathes sustainable living as much as is practically possible, so the chance to check out innovations in electric car technology was too tempting to pass up…

Charge of the electric brigade

Witnessing an energy revolution

Oli is a key member of our Care Without Carbon team, enthusing about all things sustainable, not just for work but as a natural part of living life.  This is why he opted to pop along and check out the Fully Charged Live event which was showcasing the best of renewable energy technology and every single electric vehicle available in the UK at the moment.

Oli told us, “The event I was at on Saturday was called Full Charged Live; the organisers of the event run a YouTube channel called Fully Charged and they review all kinds of renewable energy tech and electric vehicles.”

The event covered three days at Silverstone Race Circuit which included a large exhibition space with hundreds of electric cars and at only £42 for a three day pass it comes it at good value too.

Plus the event lives up to its green credential with a free electric vehicle transfers from the car parks into the event.

Oli was delighted with what the event offered, “Classic converted electric cars were there including a De-Lorean (you’ll recognise that as the car from Back to the Future!). Plus there were lots of great talks with panellists. What they do so well is a charismatic bunch of presenters make sustainability fun, exciting and interesting. I come out of these events feeling inspired that the renewable energy revolution is not only possible, that it is happening now! Fully recommend this event to anyone even remotely interested in how to be more sustainable.”

With that ringing endorsement we’ll be grabbing tickets for the team next year!

Something for everyone

If you think the event is only for tech-heads or green-thinkers then think again. There are music stages, a kids zone, food stalls and

You can catch some of the excitement in this video

Want to find out more about the amazing advances in electric cars?

Visit the Fully Charged You Tube channel hosted by Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge and Carpool fame. It not only reveals the latest in electric cars on the market but covers all things renewable, shining a very positive light on a greener future for us all