Celebrate National Cholesterol Month

Every year the charity Heart UK run National Cholesterol Month to raise awareness of the small changes we can make to live healthier lives. The good news is that these are often changes that are great for our environment too so one small action has two positive outcomes.

Celebrate National Cholesterol Month

Raising awareness of cholesterol

Our Care Without Carbon programme is fully behind Heart UK’s National Cholesterol Month, which celebrates those behaviours which help us to be more heart healthy. Why? Because what’s good for our health is often equally good for our environment.

Heart UK invite everyone to think more about their life style could create cholesterol problems. We all need some cholesterol in our bodies but too much can block arteries leading to cardiovascular issues. So eating less red meat and more green veg and getting more active are great ways to keep on top of cholesterol and these are things which can help reduce your impact on the environment too.

Red meat production has a really high carbon footprint; eating less of it helps to reduce demand and production and cut carbon emissions over time. We all know cars are not great for air quality, and they also add to carbon emissions, so swapping the car for a walk is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while doing something great for your physical and mental health too.

To support National Cholesterol Month why not make the “meat free Monday” pledge or ‘take a walk’ through our Dare to Care campaign? Just click here, select the appropriate organisation from the list and make your pledge.