Calling all SASH staff! Take part in our travel survey

We all need to travel to some extent – whether for work, commuting, shopping or school runs. By reviewing our travel needs and considering the options available, we can reduce our costs and environmental impact – and turn travel into something that makes us healthier and happier…

Calling all SASH staff! Take part in our travel survey

We are carrying out a travel survey with staff from across the Trust – we would like to hear from at least 50 staff that are based at East Surrey Hospital, so we can understand your travel patterns and requirements in order to deliver the best support we can.

Our commitment to Net Zero

Our Green Plan sets out our goal to reach Net Zero by 2040. Our collective effort can make a big difference in achieving this. One example of this would be the way we travel.

Taking a benchmark from our travel data from 2014/15 we are aiming for a 57% reduction by 2025 in our carbon emissions that relate to travel. Understanding why we’re travelling the way we do will help us in making the right changes to meet that target.

How will we use this information?

We are collecting information on the different ways we all travel; by which mode, how frequently, and how far. In doing this we’re hoping to start to put together a picture of how we travel to see if there is room to make this more convenient, cost-effective and sustainable.

Please take part in this short five-minute survey to help us better understand travel patterns across the Trust. Survey closes Friday 3rd March.