Working in partnership across our region

Through our regional healthcare networks we are working together with our local partners to drive the sustainability agenda more effectively across the system.

Collaborative solutions, sharing best practice and economies of scale

“I am delighted that we are pursuing a system-wide approach to sustainability. It means we can share best practice and collaborate with our partners to create a more sustainable health and care system.”

“It is in everyone’s interest that we are able to deliver high quality care in a way that does not diminish the quality of our environment – not only does it save money, it can also improve our health and wellbeing.”

Siobhan Melia, CEO SCFT

Trusts that choose to Care Without Carbon

SCFT is leading the way in the delivery of sustainable healthcare across the South East. We are proud of our work, and it is a privilege to share our expertise with our local partners, and to learn from them too as we progress towards a more sustainable healthcare system.

We are fortunate to work with several Trusts which include:

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

We are working with SPFT on their SDMP (sustainable development management plan), which is called Care Without Carbon at SPFT.

The Trust is also adopting the award winning Dare to Care staff engagement programme to talk to staff about how they can create more sustainable healthcare through everyday actions.

At SPFT we are taking Dare to Care in a new direction, and will seek to engage patients as well as staff in the programme.

You can find out more about SPFT here.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust

“We are coming together with our NHS provider partners in the Sussex and East Surrey area to align our sustainability goals and activities using an approach developed by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust  called Care Without Carbon.  This is a model that can help to reduce costs, support health and wellbeing as well as help reduce our carbon footprint and make us more resilient to a changing climate. We are calling this Care Without Carbon at SASH.”

We are making great progress at SASH with several projects already underway to improve the use of natural resources, save money and create a better working environment for staff.

SASH is also embarking on the Dare to Care staff engagement programme.

You can find out more about SASH here.

East Sussex Healthcare Trust 

SCFT have worked with ESHT since 2012, helping the Trust to develop a robust SDMP. Work continues to progress as part of the wider STP, with a focus on saving money and improving health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about ESHT here.