Care Without Carbon – our strategy

Created by the NHS, for the NHS, Care Without Carbon is a deceptively simple framework for delivering sustainable healthcare – cutting carbon, saving money and supporting workforce wellbeing.

Care Without Carbon

Developed by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, Care Without Carbon provides a multi-award-winning model, designed to meet national policy requirements on sustainability and carbon reduction in the NHS.

It is recognised by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit as a best practice approach for creating a Sustainable Development Management Plan.

“As a trust we are always looking at ways of improving and doing things in a more sustainable way. The Care Without Carbon team has worked really hard to make being green part of the culture at our organisation”
Siobhan Melia, Chief Executive, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Since its creation in 2013 we now work across the NHS, supporting Trusts and commissioners on their journey to becoming more sustainable.

We created a short animation for staff to share what we mean by sustainable healthcare.

How it works

Care Without Carbon provides a proven framework for developing and implementing your own Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP).

The beauty of Care Without Carbon is its simplicity. Based around seven elements, it ensures all aspects of sustainability are captured in a flexible and integrated model that can be tailored to suit any NHS organisation.

The Seven Elements of Sustainable Healthcare: A framework that gives every aspect of the organisation a part to play.

Find out more

You can read the full Care Without Carbon strategy by downloading it here:

Care Without Carbon – strategy document

To find out what is happening to make the NHS more sustainable on a national level, take a look at the website of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit.