Created by the NHS for the NHS, Care Without Carbon is a simple framework for delivering sustainable healthcare. Its Dare to Care campaign helps empower and motivate staff to take action for a better working life and a greener NHS.

What is Care Without Carbon?

New on Care Without CarbonDeveloped by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Capita, Care Without Carbon provides a multi-award-winning framework for sustainability that has patient care at its heart.

Based around seven steps, it is designed to help NHS organisations cut carbon, save money and support staff wellbeing.


Do you Dare?

One of the seven steps of Care Without Carbon is ‘Culture’ – informing, empowering and motivating our people to achieve sustainable healthcare. This is where Dare to Care comes in.

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This award-winning campaign moves away from a ‘don’t’ mentality and adopts a more fun focused ‘do’ approach. We ask our NHS workforce to sign up to pledges (or ‘Dares’) that support wellbeing and the environment; we use stories from our staff to inspire their peers and
we give out prizes along the way…

Lots of small actions make a real difference when we do them together.

Sign up for your dare (or dares) on this website – and we’ll provide you with advice and keep you up to date on how it’s all going – and the impact we’re having collectively.

“Since daring to make one less car journey, I walk and take the train regularly in the week. As well as saving carbon I have noticed a marked improvement in my sleep as I am now taking more exercise.”

Claire Bird, Speech and Language Therapist, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

This short video featuring speech and language therapist Caroline Ohlsen explores the importance of culture in creating a sustainable workplace.



Find out more

If you’d like to know more about Care Without Carbon, meet our team and see the full strategy.

And if you have any questions about Care Without Carbon or taking a dare, please get in touch.