Enjoy a car free world!

See how you like a car free world on 22nd September in aid of #WorldCarFreeDay

car free world

A transport revolution

When the first car hit the streets in 1886 the world soon embraced this revolution in getting from A to B. Since then, four wheels have gone from strength to strength. But this is a revolution that could be our downfall, with over one billion cars on roads across the world today. While cars have their uses, the emissions they put out are creating long term problems for our planet and our health. We need a new revolution in transport and the time is now.

Happy 21st Car Free Day!

car free world

Car Free day started life in 2000 as an international day of action to address the need for fewer cars on our roads. This year the event celebrates its 21st birthday with a range of global events spanning 1,500 cities across 40 different countries. Less cars means cleaner air for everyone which is great for our health and wellbeing.

All events encourage people out of their cars and onto their own two feet, bicycles or public transport. Even a spot of home working can count as taking part if it means avoiding those four wheels for the day. Plus it helps to reduce carbon emissions, helping us to keep to within 1.5 degrees of warming.

How to get involved

It is so easy to take part in World Car Free Day – just don’t use your car! Or at a push, car pool so that the maximum number of passengers are travelling with you – every little helps.

If you can, tweet your day of action using the hashtag #WorldCarFreeDay and be part of the global conversation about how we can create a transport revolution.

You could also take our ‘active commute’ pledge, or ‘one less car journey’ to help you commit to going car free a bit more often in the future.

Why bother?

car free world

Ditching the car for an alternative is a win-win for you and the environment. Firstly, by walking or cycling instead you save money on fuel and wear and tear on the car. If you lost the car completely imagine the savings on tax, insurance and MOT’s!

Then there are the health perks, more physical activity means a fitter you. Both mind and body benefit from regular movement, what better way to make sure you get enough than to build it into how you get around?

Plus, walking, car pooling, or public transport offer the chance to travel with others and have a bit of chat en-route.

Fewer cars on roads means less pollution, cleaner air, less noise and less danger.  This 22nd September go car free and reap the rewards.