5 ways to mindfulness this Christmas

On Christmas day things can get a bit hectic, or even the whole holiday can feel a bit out of kilter. Take 5 minutes to embrace a mindful moment and it could keep you feeling festive all day long…

brain next to a heart balanced perfectly on a seesaw

5 tips to keep you calm and feeling festive

If Christmas gets a bit crazy and you long for routine and an escape from mince pies we have just the thing you need to get you through.

Practice ‘slow eating’ – enjoy the food you eat. Savour the smells of it cooking, taste every bite and try to zone in on the experience. It is great for your digestion but is also helps keep you calm and in the present moment.

Embrace a walk – getting out for some you time, even just five minutes around the block can be enough, is a chance to breathe deep, enjoy some fresh air and get the blood pumping. It all helps soothe frayed nerves and calm a frantic mind.

Have a safe space for yourself – find a corner of the place you are in to escape to if you need it. Retreat there and grab 5 minutes to yourself even if it is the bathroom! Stash a book or magazine so you can zone out and away from your thoughts for a bit.

written word idea and a pen

Make the most of pen and paper – doodle, sketch or even note down things that make you smile each day (this can help to create a sense of gratitude which can help improve low moods). Getting creative also taps into some feelgood hormones to lift your spirits.

Practice mindful breathing – if you do feel a bit overwhelmed find a quiet spot and give a mindful breathing technique a try. This link might be helpful.  It can help to reduce anxious feelings, calm your mood and focus your thoughts.