Five easy lunches to try for 60 Days Green

We bring you 5 easy ideas for lunches (or dinners) to bring to work. Save money, eat well, live happy, tune into the seasons and reduce waste – that’s 5 good reasons to get into the home prepped lunch to support your 60 Days Green…

tomato salad for an easy lunch

Time, where does it go?

We’re all short on time, these days it seems to be worth more than gold. Everyone is looking for a way to squeeze a few more minutes out of a jam packed day.

So, we’ve picked 5 easy recipes for your lunch bag that take minutes to prepare – leaving you with more time to enjoy your efforts later with no need to dash out for something. It is a win-win. Especially with these meat-free ideas to inspire you in going 60 Days Green.

If you haven’t got involved yet here’s how…

Tomato, feta and green bean salad

This spring fresh salad is crisp and clean to eat with the creamy savoury boost of feta – and it takes less than 10 mins to do. Here’s the recipe.


Green Club Sandwich

A veggie version of the classic club is cheaper to make and just as tasty. Another 10 minute wonder for your lunch-bag. Check it out.

Asian Noodle Salad

This fresh salad with an Asian flavour will add zest to your  lunch break and is easy to prep the day before.

Check out the recipe here.



This is a great way to use up old bread – perfect if you #hatewaste #lovefood. Cook it, tub it and eat eat it. Check out the recipe here

Hummus wrap

A home made wrap knocks the socks off a shop bought version. This one is a more assembly than cooking but is a real energy boost of goodness! Find the recipe on this website.